Saturday, March 17, 2018

Jalie 2563 - Running Shorts

I have tried the sports bra from this pattern before but never the running shorts. These are just a basic, no-pocket, no-frills running shorts and I love them! I didn't realize until just now that I made a huge mistake on them though. Do you see it? Just keep looking at my pictures . . .

I used a black wicking poly/Spandex blend and a random piece of poly/Spandex for the accent panels. They fit really well and I have already done a short 3 mile run in them. They performed admirably (especially considering my mistake!) and I'll be making many more of these! Forgive my sweaty-ness. This was right after my run, and since I already had them on, I decided to just take pictures too.

Do you see it yet??? I can't believe I did that! See the contrast panel on mine? Now look at the pattern picture. I turned the entire leg upside down!!!! HAHAHAHAHAH! If they fit really well like this, I'm not sure I should turn them the correct way! In other words, the part that should be around my thigh is around my waist! Is that hysterical or what?? I will have to make them the right way now and see if they fit better. I was thinking this morning that when I make them again, I will lower the CF waist by about 1/2". If you look on the pattern, it is already lowered. Hahahaha. That's what happens when you ignore the notches and just think you know better! 

Fabric is from the National City Swap Meet (the black) and JoAnns (the crazy print). 

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Hot Patterns Red Hot Mama Multi-Pocket Tote

I ordered two Hot Patterns a while back after the fiasco pants. I ordered the Red Hot Mama Multi-pocket Tote and the Deco Vibe Cosmopolitan dress. They arrived in a timely fashion but the purse pattern was missed half of the pages including the directions and the Deco Vibe dress had no directions included with it. I emailed and it took quite a while to get a response. When I did get a response, it was a nice one. They were sorry for the mistakes and they would 1) send me another purse pattern and 2) email me directions for the Cosmopolitan Dress. It was fine but it was a pain. I finally got around to making the purse. I've actually been sewing a lot even though there hasn't been much on the old blog. It's secret-sewing!!!

This baby is large; definitely a beast. I'm not sure if I love it though. the pocket in the middle is really big. I took several pictures with it on me so you can see exactly HOW big. It has three main pockets. The outer two are smaller and have all the pockets. The inner one is huge with no pockets. You can add them to the middle, of course. I used an IKEA canvas fabric for this. I wanted a firm fabric and want to use leather eventually. This is my practice bag, if you will.

I put a ton of pockets in it. It's really hard to see what I did when it's in the bag so I also drew some pictures of all the pockets. 

The inner bag is so large, I can put in an entire pair of shoes like this. Not stacking the shoes, but putting them side by side. Like I said, LARGE inner bag.

I will use it around town and then I will let you know how I like it and it's massive-ness. Here it is for scale on me.

See? She's BIG!!

One issue I had with the bag was the less-than-stellar directions. I consider myself an accomplished seamstress and I have (I think) really good spacial abilities. I can easily image how something goes together by reading the directions. This bag boggled me. There were steps that were just flat-out missing. I used the directions, the YouTube videos and a lot of wine to get through this. If I make it again, in leather, I will be more prepared. Beware if you decide to tackle it!

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Bison, bitches . . .

I know this is a sewing blog, but I'm also an Alaskan and hunting and gathering runs in my blood. Don't read if you are offended by hunting, blood, and death.

It is thought that steppe and wood bison inhabited Alaska and have only recently become extinct. In Alaska, bison were transplanted here in the 1920s. Since the 1950s, they have allowed hunting of the herd. They only allow about 100 people permits to hunt this herd and I was one of the lucky out of 15,000-20,000. Once you pull a permit and have a successful hunt, you can't even put in for this permit again for 10 years. It's kind of a big deal.

Here she is, I shall call her Bessy. We will eat her delicious meat and I plan on having the hide tanned. They have the most luscious, thick, glossy hair. I've never seen a bison up close and personal and I was amazed at the thick coat. Nothing will go to waste. We are even cutting the long bones lengthwise for amazing bone marrow. As best we can tell, she's a 3-4 year old female and she has had a few births.

Of course, when you shoot something, you get to spend a loooong time out in the field skinning it out. We were especially careful this time because I wanted the hide in good shape. 

Back to your regularly scheduled sewing soon . . .

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Ottobre 02-2018 #15 Knit Dress with V-Neck

Remember when I made my last Ottobre knit dress? The one with the v-neck? Do you remember that the same bodice had two different skirt options? Well, I had to try the top with the other skirt bottom. I like this one a lot too. Although, I think I like the other a-line skirt better.

Here's the line drawing. I was worried about the fabric around the hips. I knew I wanted to use a very drapey knit but one that wasn't too stretchy for the bodice. What I ended up using was a cotton knit french terry. This one is interesting because the pattern is printed on the french terry side so that the texture is facing out. It's not a fluffy french terry either. This fabric, of course, I got at the National City Swap Meet. (And does it drive anyone else bonkers that the Ottobre dress below had the chevrons slightly off center?)

I quite like how it turned out. I do like it more with the belt than without. 

See all that fabric around the hips? I was worried initially, but I think it's okay. As long as the waist is fitted, I think that the hips can have volume. One thing this dress has is huge pockets. Those are part of what create the large volume around the hips. 

Overall, another win from Ottobre!!!

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Guess who is going to PR Weekend??


Not only do I get to meet my favorite people (Emilie and Jeanne from Jalie), I’ll also get to meet Gillian Whitecombe and Beverly Johnson. Squuuueeeeeeeeeeeeeeee . . .

This year it is in Stratford, Ontario. I’m going to make a little trip to Niagra Falls while I’m there. It should be FUN!!!

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Ottobre 02-2018 #4 Knit Dress with V-Neck

So I told you I loved knit dresses, right? Well, here's the first one and I love it as much as I thought I would. This is the v-neck bodice with the flared skirt. I made the bodice first to get the fit right. I wanted to make sure that the waist seam would hit in the actual waist. The only change I made to the pattern was to add my normal inch in the bodice for my long torso. This is made out of a Liverpool knit I bought in National City at the Swap Meet.

I really like how it turned out. I made it out of a crazy print on purpose. I wanted something stable, but stretchy and I wanted the pattern to hide any imperfections. This would be SO FUN in a striped fabric. My little darlings love photo-time. 

I love the flair of the skirt and I love that you can wear it with a belt or not. 

When I first made it, it was a bit loose at the waist seam even though I had added clear elastic to the waist seam to suck it in a little. After I tried it on, I added 3/8" elastic to the rear waist seam to really pull it in. I think I overdid it and you can see some gathers in the pictures of the back. I won't do that next time. 


I used red thread to do all the hems. 

I really like it and I've already traced out the other skirt bottom. I'mm keep you posted! 

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Ottobre Women's Magazine 02/2018

I see a lot of love for Burda and the Big 4 (5? 6? Multiverse?) with reviews of the Spring release or the newest magazines. I thought I would throw out my love for Ottobre. I don't see many people do reviews on the issues. I know that Ottobre puts out the pictures on FB, but I love the personalized reviews of other sewists. Maybe I'm just missing those other sewists and their reviews? I don't know but I would like to see more of them.

I just got this in the mail a few days ago and I've had a chance to go through it with a fine toothed comb (you KNOW you do it too, obsessively look at each view to see the seams, try to find a different angle to see that one detail . . .).

Here are all the patterns. I think there is a lot to love here!

And here are my favorites. You guys know I love me a good knit dress pattern. The first two use the same v-neck top for the bodice and then just change up the skirt portion. Right now, I have the shirt version on my cutting table so I can see how it fits AND where that pesky waist seam hits. That way, I can adjust that before I add a skirt to it. Then, I'll knock out a few of the dress versions. The knit dress on the right is super cute too with a vintage-y vibe. If you look closely at the magazine picture, you can see there is piping on the sleeves, belt, and CF. I'm not sure if the belt and bodice details are technically called "piping" since you are using a large piece of the contrast fabric and let that show on the front. The sleeves are definitely piping. Either way, it's cute and I can see myself wearing something like this quite a bit. 

For shirts, there are some cute variations too. This one on the left is the shirt portion of the knit dresses above. The middle is a pattern for a woven blouse. I love the cute shoulder ruching details. The knit top on the right is a little longer and would make a great top with leggings, I think. 

As far as the pants go, I'm not a huge fan. There are several high-waisted pants and I've never been a big fan of those. I feel like I'm being slowly suffocated if I wear anything that goes above my belly button. 

I do love their take on athletic wear though. I will wear this tank as a workout top and maybe I'll even add a compression bra to it. The combo leggings/skirt is cute too. My favorite pair of leggings is an Ottobre pattern so I'm sure these will fit well too. I'm kind of spoiled with athletic wear since I met Jalie. This is a cute skirt, but Jalie is still my favorite. These leggings so have a hidden leg pocket which is a great idea. I will probably make them one it gets a bit springier here. 

Alright, your turn, what do you think? Have you tackled Ottobre? Do you know of other people who sew Ottobre? Tell me who they are. I see a smattering of reviews on individual patterns but not many. And two more pictures to sway your opinion . . . aren't these so cute? I love that piping (or faux-piping???) on that knit dress.